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Seasonal Plants

At Hill's Country Garden Centre we have a wide range of plants for every season of the year and remember, if you need any expert advice or guidance we are always here to help.

Spring flowering

You can plant seasonal spring flower bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils etc. almost anywhere but WHEN they are planted is crucial and early autumn is best for planting.  These flowers can be a riot of colour lighting up a spring balcony or a hanging basket. Spring bulbs like the Daffodil flower in spring but are planted from early autumn. Tulips are the only exception as they can be planted as late as the winter months. Summer flowering bulbs like Dahlia and Gladioli and autumn-flowering bulbs like Cyclamen and Crocus can be planted from late spring onwards.

Summer flowering

Of course summer is the prime season for flowers as they are at their very best then.  Summer is when you'll probably spend most of your time out on your balcony or patio admiring the results of what you're planted earlier in the year.  As an easy fix to fully maximize your colour choose from the wide range of bedding plants here at Hill's Country Garden Centre where they are available in small pot trays ready to plant in your own pots and containers. Among the most popular bedding plants are Pansies and Violas, Geraniums and Petunias. Just pop them into your pots and you'll have instant colour.

Autumn flowering

Nature is, without doubt,  at its most colourful in the autumn.  Either in a rural or urban setting at this time of year your pots and containers can be at their most colourful too. Chrysanthemums are at their best in the autumn and berries like Gaultherias are ripening and showing their red, white, pink or purple displays. For quick-colour solutions in window boxes and hanging baskets you'll find an array of bedding plants available at Hill's Country Garden Centre which are second to none including Cyclamen, Violas, and Pansies. Alternatively, you can also consider heathers and herbs and grasses planted together for gorgeous colour combinations and along with your bedding plants to add texture to the mix.

Winter flowering

Contrary to what many might think the winter season can actually be as colourful as summer. It? not that plants don? grow altogether in winter. They just grow much slower. Again, at Hill's Country Garden Centre you'll find lots of bedding plants for your pots and containers for the winter season too such as Cyclamens, Violas, Primroses, Pansies,  and Polyanthus.  Daisies (Bellis perennis) are notable for their neat, round heads and are great for smaller pots as are winter-flowering Daphnes.  Just one thing to remember: It is highly advisable to plant winter flowering plants in late summer or early autumn and, if you're using ceramic pots, make sure that those pots are frost resistant.